Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Extra help sure helps!

In the last few days, I have noticed that I am not as tired as I usually am at bedtime. Most of the time, after I have put Isaac down to sleep around 8pm, I would be so tired that all I want to do is to just lie down in bed and rest my back, shoulders, arms, legs..everything! This explains the decrease in blog posts.

I started to wonder why I still had so much energy at the end of the day and I found the answer. My parents are here and they have been doing all the babysitting, entertaining, housework! Oh man..it makes such a difference to have someone entertain the baby just for a few hours. I'm so glad Isaac is incredibly comfortable with them. I guess spending time on Facetime makes a difference! 

Today, Isaac went for his first swimming lesson. I was amazed at how buoyant babies are! We were shown how to hold the baby safely in the water and then spent most of our time encouraging them to kick with their legs and paddle with their hands...the babies do it so naturally. Really had a good time but of course, getting dressed after is a bit cumbersome! 


  1. ah..ur parents are there? =)
    Until when? Isaac will def be a good swimmer... but isn't it too young to learn swimming? >.< No?

    1. haha yeah i think he likes the water but definitely cant do a lot of the things the instructors told him to do. My parents are going back end of oct :((