Friday, 6 September 2013

Sleep: A very long battle

I reckon mums will all have their own story of labour, breastfeeding and the battle with sleep. 

Isaac is now 7 months and trying to understand what he wants is still quite a mystery. Following the feed-play-sleep routine since he was 2 months old helps but there are times when I still don't really know what is disturbing him. Poor little fella, probably as frustrated as me. 

With sleep comes a lot of crying...sometimes less. Either he is overtired or he just wants me there and quite often, no one really knows. We have been working on his sleep since he was 4 months and there has been significant improvements, thankfully. He no longer needs a feed at night. How do I know this? Because when he arouses and cries and I put him back to sleep without a feed, he stays asleep for 5 hours. Sometimes he settles himself back after a little bit of crying, sometimes it escalates and either Ken or myself will have to go into his room, put our hand on his chest and that's enough assurance for him to resume sleeping. 

I remember going through the nightmare-ish phase when he was 5 months where he would wake up every 2 hours and demand a feed. There was also the awful phase when he still had his dummy and would wake up every 5 minutes because his dummy kept falling out of his mouth. We would have to go back in to replace the dummy up to 4-5 times before he actually really fell asleep. Horrible times! Getting rid of the dummy was the best decision we made. Unfortunately, his habit of sucking to sleep is still there. 

At present, Isaac is waking up at 1am and 6am. I don't feed him at 1am but I am finding it very difficult to settle him at 6am. A 7 month old can cry really loudly. The volume on our baby monitor used to be 3 and right next to me on my bedside table. Last night, it was 1 and on the floor! I still felt as if he is crying right in my ear! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was exhausted and brought Isaac into our room to co-sleep. Worst decision ever. I almost went deaf having him next to me. Co-sleeping no longer works for us too..his waking habits are still the same. 

Anyhoos, just wanted to jot this down on my blog so that in 10 years time when I look back, I will appreciate sleep much more. Yes, let's hope by 10 years old he will be a good sleeper.

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  1. I find this post funny..even though it's not suppose to be?
    Don't'll get better when he's older....I hope...