Monday, 8 April 2013

Wardrobe nightmare

I have to rant about my clothes. It's been a nightmare since I came home from hospital. It has been 10 weeks since the baby came and I haven't done much to alleviate this fashion torture I am going through. Ok, maybe I am sounding a bit like a drama queen. But here's the spill on things...

Before I delivered, I thought about my clothes and what I was going to wear post-pregnancy. I went to K-Mart and got myself some breastfeeding know, those that allow you to get the baby on the breast as soon as possible with little hassle. I wasn't sure how much I would shrink in size so didn't buy any bigger sized clothes.

After the baby arrived, I realised I couldn't fit into a lot of my clothes especially my jeans. It is not a nice feeling when you try to button your jeans and you can't. No matter how hard you tummy tuck and pull on the jeans, the button just won't loop around the hole.

Anyway, having a baby at home and shopping for clothes do not go hand in hand. So I desperately went through my stash of clothes hoping to find ones that still fit. Sadly a lot of them didn't fit but there were a few that did.

I finally got out of the house and bought two new pairs of jeans. I went to the store and tried on a couple of sizes and cuts. The shop assistant was offering her advice on the size and fit. I tried a pair and it felt like it just fitted around the waist. Not too lose, not too tight. I like my clothes a bit lose but sometimes it's not very fashionable to do that. The shop assistant said that jeans will expand a little so you don't want to buy a pair that is lose because jeans don't look good if they are a bit lose. I was a bit hesitant but I figured she's probably right because baggy jeans don't look good. So I bought two pairs of them altered...and placed them in my wardrobe.

The other day, I took one pair out and put them on. It felt fine when I was standing but the minute I sat down, it was too tight. The button was poking into my stomach. Arghh!! I couldn't believe this! *Note to self - Next time when trying on pants/jeans, try sitting down in them.'s so annoying every time I open my cupboard and I look at all my clothes and can't wear most of them. I hate shopping because I always make stupid decisions like this pair of jeans. I guess I will just have to slowly fill up my wardrobe again with nice, fitting, comfortable clothes. Until then, I shall wear baggy t-shirts, leggings and my limited supply of clothes that still fit. Sobssss....


  1. why don't u try wearing dresses?
    should be able to save all that trouble...
    BTW, thinking bout it now, I don't really remember you wearing dresses except maybe...during your wedding? O.o

    1. Cannot, it's not breastfeeding friendly :(
      Yar anyway I like wearing dresses but too cold la