Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It is true, It does get better :)

It is amazing how fast a newborn develops. I remember reading article after article about how the six week mark is significant. The six week mark is when you meet with your doctor/GP for a final check post-pregnancy. The GP then gives you the final clearance as if to say, you are all well and so is your baby, you have recovered from this massive impact on your body and you have passed all the challenges like breastfeeding, your health, etc. Now you can go shopping! No, he doesn't say that but I like to think it implies that because that's exactly what I did :P On a more serious note, the six week mark is your green light to going back to doing everything pre-pregnancy. It's back to exercising and jumping up and down, aerobics, zumba..you name it. It is also back to resuming your sexual life pre-pregnancy...when you made that baby! Now the baby is here. It's been so long, how did we make that baby again? Yes, time sure flies.

Anyway, being Chinese and considering the confinement period of four weeks, I often thought that the four week mark was meant to be your day of liberation. However, I must say that I did not really feel 'liberated' after four weeks. It still seemed like I had been on the treadmill since I was admitted to hospital. However, after six weeks, I can definitely say that it has gotten much better. You have figured things out and the baby has matured and grown so much. 

Isaac is now 2 months old and he is doing so many things he could not do before. He can now entertain himself much longer by staring at objects, sucking his fists and sucking on his pacifier or his joon joon as we call it in Hokkien. Previously, he always wanted to be close to people or carried. He would totally ignore the hanging objects on the mobile on the rocker. He took forever to breastfeed. He now stares intently at the objects on the mobile, he can track objects so well with his eyes, he feeds so much faster now (I never thought this day would come) and he is now cooing and smiling. I can't wait for his first chuckle! He is simply adorable :) 

So it is true, to all new mums and mums-to-be, it does get better! 

Little Isaac at 1 month :)

Look at me now :) Chubby bunny!

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  1. haha.. Joy....I heard it's easier to get pregnant again after giving birth =P
    Haihyah..I can't wait to meet baby Isaac.