Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Here we go again...saying goodbye

Every year, I go through two cycles of 'why am I here in Australia'. It happens when my parents visit me and it happens again when I visit them in Malaysia. As much as I have chosen to live here, sometimes I feel like I don't have a choice because Ken is an Australian citizen and so is Isaac now. Apparently your child can only get Malaysian citizenship if the father is a Malaysian citizen but I have yet to confirm this. If it is true, that means he won't be able to apply for Malaysian citizenship :( 

It is very difficult being so far from mum and dad. It is even more difficult knowing that all the kids and grandkids are here in Melbourne while they are at home. When they need help, they can't ask us for it. Instead, they have to rely on neighbours to look after the house; catch a taxi to airport, etc.. 

Now that Isaac is here, I find it so silly that he has to grow up without his grandparents there by his side. Sure they can Skype..but what kind of relationship is that without hugs and kisses from ah meh, yeh yeh, poh poh and kong kong? I have very fond memories of my grandparents and I really hope Isaac will develop a great relationship with his grandparents too.

As you would have guessed, my parents will be leaving soon..this Sunday to be precise. It has been wonderful having them around for the last two months and I am going to miss them when they go back. I have learnt so much from my mum; how to bathe a baby and how to just pause and enjoy your little baby :) Dad has been fantastic as well...Isaac is so calm when he is in grandpa's arms, I think he feels secure. 

Well, I'm in the process of applying for an Australian passport for Isaac. So really hope to go home soon although the thought of bringing a baby on board a plane is a bit nerve wrecking!


  1. Don't think too much la....
    Come visit me in Malaysia soon :)

    1. yeah can't wait but a bit nervous flying with a baby..

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