Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My 2 noisy sleepers & CNY

I couldn't really get much sleep last night between feeds because little Isaac and daddy were making so much noise. Baby is starting to make a lot of noises. He loves stretching and makes a lot of noise when he does it. He also spontaneously makes noises while he is asleep..perhaps he could be dreaming. It was Ken's first day back at work after two weeks since the birth. He was pretty knackered by the end of the day so he was deep in sleep. This meant snoring and a bit of talking in his sleep. I heard him say, 'what's the score?' Haha..must be thinking of soccer or some other sport!

Anyway, we took Isaac out on Sunday to my brother's place to celebrate the first day of Chinese New Year. Just when we were about to leave, Isaac decided he wanted a feed. His feeding schedule is still not very regular so it's hard to predict when he wants to feed. The plan was to feed him some expressed milk at my brother's place. Unfortunately, for some reason, I just could not express much milk that morning. Maybe I was too tired or too busy. So I had to breastfeed him. He takes about 45 minutes to feed which is normal according to the midwife. We were already running late. Finally he finished feeding so we quickly exited the house and went into the car. The minute we exited the house, he started crying..really loudly..we weren't sure if he was still hungry or if he didn't like the sun or if he didn't like the car seat, he was just screaming! I quickly pulled out the little bit of expressed milk I had and gave it to him and he settled straight away. The minute the car started moving and air cond switched on, he fell asleep. It's true that babies like car rides. I suppose they just don't like getting into the car? 

My brother's place is only 7 minutes away. We were so hungry, tired and just hoping Isaac would stay asleep. He stayed asleep for a few minutes while Ken and I had our CNY lunch. Very delicious and festive food which my sis in law, her cousin and my mum made. We had herbal steamed prawns, popiah, fried noodles, curry chicken, stewed pork, sushi and red bean soup. Yummy yummy!

Soon the baby woke up but there were lots of aunties and uncles who were delighted to carry him so he was quite happy for a while. Everyone was just admiring him. Soon it was time for another feed so I fed him discreetly...in a room. Still no confidence to do NIP - nursing in public. Well there were teenage boys so I didn't think they would understand. After his feed, he was really good.

We then took a family photo. At the end of the photo shoot, baby made a super duper big poo! It was so much that some of it leaked onto his clothes. Grossss! We reached for our nappy bag which was well equipped (thanks to good planning..ahem :)) and gave him a good clean. He was very settled after that..phew. We then gave out ang pows and collected some for bub. Now to open a bank account for him. After a few more minutes, we headed home. We were the last to arrive and first to leave..haha. 

After this experience, I now understand three things about parents..

1. Why parents often run late for appointments/events
2. Why parents always carry a big bag of supplies everywhere they go
3. Why parents have to do so much laundry

It was my first time out of the house for two weeks. I was so preoccupied with Isaac, I had not even taken the time to enjoy being outside and in a car. But when my sis in law made me aware of it, I was really happy I was out of the house. My mum asked me how I felt being out with the baby for the first time. I was actually really confident at the start before we left the house. I had the nappy bag all prepared, expressed milk ready, I took a shower, was dressed in my CNY clothes and even had make up on. But I guess it all got a bit stressful when he wanted to feed and when he made that big poo. When I look back, everyone at the house were extremely helpful and supportive and it felt really good that we made it through those few hours! I'm still not confident to go out with the baby because his feeding is still a bit erratic but I know when the time comes, I will be out and about again soon :) 

Happy Chinese New Year to all my beloved family and friends!

L-R: My elder brother, his wife, my 4 yr old niece, dad, mum, Isaac, me, Ken

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