Monday, 18 February 2013

Little Isaac's feeding frenzy

It has been so hot the last week. Little Isaac has been feeding really well in the morning and at night. What I mean by that is that he feeds efficiently meaning he is sucking and doesn't fall into a deep sleep on the breast. He feeds until he is full and goes to sleep on his own almost immediately. He then sleeps for 2-3 hours and then wakes up with his hunger cry which sounds like "ek ek ek" and then feeds again. 

However, in the afternoon, he goes into this feeding frenzy and doesn't feed efficiently. He feeds for short periods of time and often falls into a deep sleep that I can't wake him up to continue feeding. I then put him in his bassinet (bedroom) or porta cot (lounge) only to hear him scream after a few minutes. This time it sounds like "waahhh". He has an angry cry and is often startled easily even though the room could be absolutely quiet or difference. I would have to pick him up to settle him and sometimes end up holding him in my arms while he sleeps. I would then try to put him down again and sometimes the second attempt works, sometimes it doesn't and I end up holding him again. An hour later, he does the same thing. It only happens in the afternoon which I find it quite odd. The weather has been really warm and I read that babies get dehydrated and need to drink often for short periods to quench their thirst. I reckon this is what has been happening. He probably feels uncomfortable too. We have the evaporative cooling switched on but it can still feel a bit humid and warm sometimes so I switch on the fan as well. When night comes and the weather cools down, Isaac returns to his normal happy self and so does mummy! 

This Friday, Isaac will turn 1 month old, yay! I'm happy because he has put on lots of weight, is feeding well and is healthy and strong. However, I am also happy because my confinement period will come to an end. This means, no more ginger! I told Ken the first thing I'm going to have is Macas' soft serve ice cream..yes the cheapest thing is what I've missed most. Yuummmy!

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