Thursday, 7 February 2013

Clock Watching

I remember the last few days before Isaac was born, I was so free, a little bit bored but totally having fun doing everything I wanted to do. I did not care how long I watched TV or spent time surfing the web or sleeping. And then one fine day, the contractions started. I pulled out my phone and started timing contractions. My eyes were fixed on the timer counting the minutes and seconds.

After Isaac was born, my eyes were still fixed on the clock. This time, to note when he woke up for feeds and to time his next feed. The midwives wanted me to wake him up if he didn't wake up for a feed so I always had an alarm set for it. Feeding him was very important because he had jaundice and we needed to make extra effort to flush the yellow bits out of his system. Clock watching is so stressful and tiring!

Early this week, a nurse visited us and gave us some good news. She said we didn't need to clock watch anymore! His jaundice looks like it has subsided and all we need to do now is go with his body clock and ensure he feeds every four hours during the day and four to five hours during the night. 

It has been really good just going with Isaac's clock. He seems to be having some routine with his feeds these days. He cluster feeds (feeds frequently for an amount of time) every couple of days which is extremely tiring but it is normally followed by a good sleep. So far, he hasn't really gone past the four or five hour mark so I haven't had to worry that much and don't clock watch anymore. I make a mental note of when his last feed is but because he rarely goes past the 4-5 hour mark, I'm not too concerned about setting alarms and noting them down on paper like what I used to do. It's good to go with the flow now!  


  1. It's really great to read stories from moms who have just given birth. It's amazing and makes you also relieve those magical moment when you see your baby for the first time. :)

    1. Hi KC, I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts!:)