Thursday, 31 January 2013

Welcome to the world, Little Isaac Jian-En Fong!

The last 6 days have been an incredible journey. Exactly one week ago, I was having irregular contractions and was in and out of hospital to see if my labour was progressing. It was an exciting time but also very painful and draining as my labour was not progressing as quickly as it should. At 7.30pm last Thursday, 24 January, the midwife admitted us to hospital and she could see that we were worn from the pain and Ken, feeling so helpless in the midst of it all. We had the midwife and doctors see us and discuss a couple of options to help me continue. After 24 hours of painful but irregular contractions, a warm bath, the TENS machine, Pethadine and a muscle relaxant, I was finally in established labour. Praise God that things started progressing! After a lot of hard work, at 4.15am on Friday, 25 January 2013, I heard Isaac's cries and they placed our beautiful newborn baby into my arms. He had his eyes open and was alert for the next couple of hours.

The next few days in hospital were spent learning to feed him, change nappies and settle into a routine. Without a doubt, there was also a lot of cuddling and bonding with our brand new baby! The midwives who attended to me were incredible, so experienced and encouraging. It is an indescribable feeling every time I look at him. I keep thinking how this little baby was growing in my womb for 9 months and now here he is, looking at me, face to face, skin to skin :)

I've been feeding Isaac every 2.5 - 3 hours and there is normally one feed at about 4am. At that time tonight, we shall celebrate his birthday - 1 week old! I shall give him a kiss and cuddle and remember that just last week, we made it through together and for the very first time, no longer just as a couple but as a family :)

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