Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quiet weekends

We had a life group social at our house on Friday. Friends stayed till 2am playing games and chatting. I can't remember the last time I hosted a party or went to a party which ended past midnight..haha.

Anyway we didn't have any other catch ups or socials planned for the weekend as we wanted to focus on getting the house fixed up. Ken's doing some painting and the garden needed some work done which I took charge of. It can be a bit tiring doing stuff like that while pregnant in your third trimester and I am aware that I should not over exert myself. Anyway it's nice being out in the garden rather than sitting in front of the tv.

Not too long ago, I had one of these quiet weekends coming up and when my colleague asked me what was planned, I said nothing. He said, "Oh that's the type of weekend we like". It's true I suppose in some respect. Sometimes my colleagues come to work on Monday and it's as if they've never rested. As if Saturday and Sunday never came. Truth is they had so much going on during the weekends, they depleted all their energy for the week ahead. I've been in that boat before too.

Anyway, back to this weekend. Even though it's a nice quiet weekend, it does make you feel quite lonely especially since we don't have mum and dad around and the malls are just boring, not even open at night. No Saturday shopping with mum and dad and no Sunday night dinners at my aunt's to look forward to. Every meal it's just Ken and me. I stare at him and he stares back at me and then we both stare at the food. I suppose this is one of the reasons why I really felt I wanted to have a baby...just so we could stare at something else. I'm just kidding :)

Well, it's been relaxing but I think it's also been boring sadly. I'm looking forward to Thursday though because that's when the next episode of One Born Every Minute gets released! This TV series is about women in labour. People say I shouldn't watch it and that ignorance is bliss but I say, no way..the more I watch it, the more prepared I am. I guess every pregnant woman prepares herself differently :)


  1. You can stare at my picture if you want y'know....=P
    Did you attend any 'classes' for mum-to-bes?
    Such as pregnant yoga or something?

    1. hahaha..yar I should put your picture there!
      Yeahh attending a pilates class for pregnant and post pregnant mum but only 1x a week. It's good!

    2. My sis gave birth in less than 1 hour =P But she did alot of walking and stuff.....
      Hey Joy..come back to Facebook! lol..