Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday night dinners

Sunday night dinners are always a treat! Ken and I normally cook up something a little fancier on a Sunday since there's more time for preparation. It's also always nice to give yourself a little treat at the end of the week and in preparation for a new week ahead.

I was craving something creamy tonight even though I don't normally like cream based meals. So I coaxed Ken into cooking his smashing beef stroganoff with fettuccine, a MasterChef inspired meal. He made it once before and I absolutely loved it and we figured we could do better this time.

I've been reading Ellie's blog, Almost Bourdain all day, and thought her corn and avocado salad would make a refreshing side dish to go along with the creamy stroganoff.

So off we went to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shopping.

After quite a bit of stirring, mixing and frying, dinner was served...

Corn and cherry tomato salad with shallots and lemon juice.
Inspired by Ellie's avocado and corn salad The avocado I bought wasn't ripe so I replaced it with cherry tomatoes. Very refreshing!

Beef stroganoff with swiss mushrooms and fettuccine
Inspired by Masterchef's beef stroganoff with parsley and black pepper fettuccine.

Ahh...satisfied :)

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