Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My Favourite Things #1 Clear Blue Skies

I have decided to compile a list of my favourite things. At times when I am down or when I can't seem to look at the bright side of things, I'm hoping this list will remind me to focus on the good things in life. 

#1 Clear blue skies 

On a sunny day in Melbourne, I simply love looking at the beautiful clear blue sky. It is refreshing and invigorating. 

Taken at RMIT on 16.11.2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

From toddler room to pre-kinder

When Isaac first started attending childcare at 15 months, he was in the babies room. I remember how the room had babies crawling on the floor and lying on soft mats on the carpet. There were high chairs and cots and they had their own outdoor play area.

When he turned two, he was moved up to the toddlers room. It was a lot more interesting. They had a rabbit called Nibbles, a fish tank, tables and chairs (no more high chairs) and they would play in the big backyard with the older kids.

Isaac will be turning 3 in January so his carers have been preparing to move him into the next room up, pre-kinder. The ratio of the carer to childcare increases drastically. Under 3 years, I think the ratio is 1 carer to 3-4 kids but if the kids are 3 years, it becomes 1 carer to 15 kids! I knew Isaac would love pre-kinder because it's a bigger room and there's lots more to do but I don't like the idea of there only being 1-2 carers in his room with so many kids. We talked about having a one week orientation for him to get used to the new room. However, on the first day of orientation, he loved it so much he didn't want to go back to the toddler room. So that's it, the little man is moving up!

Here are some photos of the toddler room I took recently

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ken turns 30

My hubby has finally caught up with me. He turned 30 yesterday! The birthday boy was given 'birthday leave' by his company so he had the day off. How nice, right? I reckon it's a pretty awesome perk.

So what did he do on his birthday? My parents took him out for a nice brunch and then bought him a genuine leather belt. Turns out these days companies label their products as leather but it's not the real deal. If you want the real deal, the label has to read 'genuine leather'. This explains why my 'leather' shoes only cost me $30 from a big chain store.. Now I know why. Not real one lah! 

Later in the afternoon, he took Isaac to a new public pool which is pretty awesome I hear. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Isaac has been wanting to go swimming for weeks so I'm so glad that daddy decided to spend his birthday making his son happy :) 

Then at night, we were hoping to go to a burger joint that opened recently in Glen Waverley. They serve burgers, shakes and frozen yoghurt. When we got there at 7pm, the line was so long and the tables were all taken up! Too bad I didn't take a photo of the crowd. So we went to another burger joint but this place is slightly different - they serve burgers and souvlakis. Here's the platter we had. So good. But the burger we had was simply awesome. It had pork crackling in it! I didn't take a photo because honestly it just looks like an ordinary burger. But when you bite into it...*speechless* 

We came home after dinner and sang Ken a birthday song and had super cute cupcakes. Isaac only wanted to eat the tops off each cupcake so we had to hold him back! What a day to remember :)


Monday, 5 October 2015

Korean drama - Warm and Cozy

I just finished watching a rom com Korean Drama, Warm and Cozy. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it :)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

The terribly terrific twos

Isaac is turning three in January and in the last few months, he has had an explosion of words. He has such a cute voice and says the funniest things sometimes. He is also quite a story teller and recaps events he remembers. For example, he went to the wave pool a few weeks ago and since then he has been saying, "Remember daddy? The wave pool? The biiiiig wave came and we jumped!".

Since his vocabulary has really expanded, he is also able to say things like "No, I don't need that or I don't want it". I find it quite challenging when my son says no to me but I am learning to respect some of his decisions. I am also teaching him that it's ok to say no sometimes but that there are ways to say no or decline things politely. For example, it was quite warm yesterday (27 degrees in Melbourne) and I wanted to change him out of his long pants into shorts. However when I wanted to do so, he said "No mummy, I don't need that". I was taken aback because he has always been compliant with his clothes and being a boy, it's always been quite easy to dress him. I guess he is now wanting more control and is able to verbalise it. 

Apart from that, a common concern we have is getting him engaged in activities that benefit him. We've noticed he loves playing games such as What is the time Mr. Wolf? where you chase each other around. I've also just introduced the rope game where you use a long rope and lie it on the floor in different patterns. He then has to walk on it and follow the pattern of the rope. He loves activities that involve other people so when we are busy and he has to play by himself, he tends to ask for the TV a lot. I only allow him to watch 'educational' videos on YouTube which is connected to our TV when I am cooking. He has plenty of toys but he is not very interested in them. He is not even interested in blocks unless you play with him. 

The terrible twos has its bad days and good days. Yesterday, was a bad day. He was not compliant at all; not holding hands, running off in the car park at church and at the shopping center, running around during meal times. However there are also good days where he does everything you say and is all happy chappy. It's hard to predict his behaviour sometimes. I guess there is one external factor that might be playing a part...the arrival of grandma and grandpa. Smart little guy thinks he can get away with things since his grandparents are here LOL.