Monday, 20 October 2014

New food blog - Roti and Rice

I was looking for a recipe for kuih sago today. I found a website that had a nice and simple recipe but while I was doing my search, I came across another awesome blog to add to my list of food/recipe blogs. It is called Roti N Rice which is written by a Malaysian living in America.

Some of the best Malaysian food blogs are written by Malaysians abroad. I think it's because we miss our food so much and we can't easily get it so the only thing to do is to cook it!

Anyway here's the kuih sago I made today:

Recipe available here.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My week

Ken has been away in UK for the last week for the One Young World conference. Before he left, I remember saying things (jokingly) to make him feel guilty for leaving me with all the parental responsibilities (ie. do both drop off and pick up from childcare, work, clean the house, nappies, bed time, night wakings!). I think we both knew I was not joking. Once he comes back he will be on daddy duty for 1.5 weeks to make up for lost time!

I thought I would be this house-bound, lonely person whilst he was away but turns out I have been able to have quite a lot of me-time. I find that there are many times where I feel torn between my husband and my toddler. Both want to talk to me, both need me but I can only focus on one person at a time. So sometimes Isaac ends up watching TV so I can listen and talk to my husband or my husband just has to wait. And by the time I have 'time' to talk to him, I am tired and just want to have some me-time before going to sleep. So since he has been away, I can pay full attention to Isaac which really helps with his behaviour. Then I put him to sleep and then the rest of the night is mine..all mine! I reckon this short separation has been quite healthy. I must say though that it helps that I work and get to have some baby-free time and lunch with colleagues and friends. I also had three different sets of friends come by dropping off food and just to keep me company (thank u!). Furthermore I had cooked dinners delivered to me during the week. That is a huge task ticked off my to do list. Of course if the separation went longer, it would probably be a different story.

Anyway at 21 months, Isaac doesn't like to play with his indoor toys anymore. What he really likes to do are climbing, water play, going to the play ground, playing with soil and stones in the garden and just running around. I went to Kmart and got him this cool water play set ($28). You fill it with water and there's all these other gadgets that you can fiddle with. There's also a little boat that floats along the canal which he loves.

It was great weather for a few days but as we all know about Melbourne's weather, it changed and became really cold for a few days. So I bought him this awesome inflatable slide and ball pit. It is also from Kmart ($27). When I bought it, I thought I could use Ken's bike pump to inflate it. Unfortunately the nozzle was too big so I had to buy an automatic pump ($19) which did the trick. Isaac LOVES the ball pit and I am hoping the novelty won't wear out too soon!

I wonder what's next on our list-of-awesome-toys-to-buy!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Why is it that we appreciate our loved ones more once we are apart. Suddenly you stop complaining and wished they were there with you. Suddenly you have that silence in the house you've been wanting for so long but now you turn on the TV to have some background noise. You complain that you don't get a good night's rest because your spouse is taking up too much space or is snoring but now you feel awkward having the whole bed to not is actually quite nice! 

Being apart makes you appreciate each other so much more. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

To sleep or not to sleep

When we first took Isaac home from the hospital, we were told a number of things by the midwives; count the number of wet nappies, note down when baby feeds and sleeps. We were also told one very important thing, when the baby sleeps, you should sleep as well. I took that advice very seriously and every time Isaac went down for a nap, I would drop everything and lie on the bed. Sleep was so unpredictable in the early days of your baby's life. The baby could startle after 15 minutes and you would be awake trying to put the baby back to sleep. So I learned very quickly that when the opportunity arises, sleep comes first before dirty dishes! 

Today Isaac is 1.5 years old and even though he is not the best sleeper, he has made a huge improvement. However, myself, on the other hand, have developed some bad sleep habits. As a result of all my napping back in the day, when Isaac goes down for his afternoon nap now, I find myself needing to take a nap too! Honestly I don't know if I need the rest or not but there's this fear in me that if I don't take a nap, I won't have the energy to face the second half of the day when he wakes up.  I find that my sleep associations have a powerful effect on me. If I were to lie on my bed for a few minutes, I can almost guarantee that I will fall asleep even though I wasn't sleepy in the first place. 

Anyway, when I return to work 5 days next year, there goes my afternoon nap :( oh how I will miss you! 


Sunday, 7 September 2014

One day at a time

My son has been exhibiting some really odd behaviours recently. About a month ago, we trained him to sleep on his own and he was doing so well. I was able to leave the room and he wouldn't cry and would sleep in his cot on his own. Then, we had a few late nights when some friends and relatives visited us from overseas. Then, he fell sick. This is when the nightmare started. He has not been able to sleep on his own. He needs me to cuddle him to sleep and he wakes up once or twice at night crying out for me. He is also extremely clingy. He only wants mummy all the time. Nobody else can read him a story or carry him. It has to be me. He cries a lot and I have no idea why. I noticed all four of his molars are coming through and he has not fully recovered so perhaps this is all contributing to his behaviour. He is also becoming really bossy and shouts 'no' and gets really upset when we don't give in to his requests. I took him to the playground a few days back and he refused to walk to and back from the playground to our house. Instead, he wanted me to carry him! 12kilos! But when we took him to the shopping center, he refused to be carried and wanted to run around. Goodness..such opposing behaviours. At the end of each day, I am exhausted. I am flustered and clueless as to what is going on with him. All I can do is tell myself to take it one day at a time...

**Update 15 Sept 2014**

It turns out my son has been going through the '18 month old sleep regression'. Babies go through sleep regression at certain months and at 18 months, they go through another regression when they start waking up at night again. It's suppose to last only a few weeks. Isaac has been much better and seems to be returning to his normal, happy self. Although he is still not sleeping as well as he used to. I suppose this is all part of motherhood.